Insurance Verification


Find out what your insurance covers. What to Expect

Non-insurance/self-pay rate may apply. After completing the online form, there is a verification process that may take up to 2-3 business days. This means it is possible that we may not have your insurance coverage verified prior to your appointment. In the case that your insurance is not verified beforehand, the non-insurance/self-pay flat rate will apply. However, credit/refund may apply. Once we get confirmation on your insurance coverage we will then notify you, and the difference from what you have already paid will be refunded or credited to your account for future appointments. Cost of comprehensive treatment may not be covered. A big part of what makes us different is that we strive to provide comprehensive treatment to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. This means there may be services rendered that are not covered by insurance, yet necessary for treatment. In this case the patient is responsible to pay for uncovered services, or pay the non-insurance/self-pay flat rate, whichever is cheaper.