Our Healcove family believes that caring for the mind and body regularly is the key to living well.

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A Modern Sanctuary

Healcove Clinic is a sanctuary. You visit not only to escape from pain, but when you want to improve any facet of long-term health and fitness. We take a “wholistic” approach to total wellness, with experts in varying fields of Eastern and Western medicines.

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Built Around People

Healcove believes the healing process is built around people. Our passion to help you become more resilient and agile for a better future is only part of the equation. Your commitment and accountability completes the picture.

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Inclusive Recovery Space

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Travis, we had three practitioners. We were named Your Healthy Spine Clinic. Fast forward to 2017, Jann Rey joins to innovate the experience. Two years later, the practice was renamed, Healcove Clinic—a more inclusive moniker expressing the variety of health experts at work within our wellness-and-recovery space.


Invested in Prevention

We focus on prevention and overall wellness, and we cover a wide range of health issues, from everyday care to mental health to chronic illnesses. By combining different health care practices under one roof, patients benefit from the collaboration of our in-house providers. We invest in your health goals, help you navigate the healthcare system, and work together to find the best care plan for you.


The Healcove Creators

// Co-creators: Dr. Travis Johnson (left) and Jann Rey Pontillas (right)

Jann Rey Pontillas
Co-creator, Business and Creative Director

After 4 years of connecting attorneys with people that have been injured by pharmaceutical drugs and devices, Jann Rey decided that there’s a different way to help others.

He joined Healcove when it was still called Your Healthy Spine to help people find out about the clinic’s magic. Passionate about constant improvement, he draws from his background in marketing and hospitality to ensure that patients, providers and staff experience joy in receiving and providing care.

Frequently self-diagnosing while bearing his share of trauma and sports injuries, Jann Rey is a bit of a hypochondriac. His go-to medicines, though, are painting and yoga. A dancer in recovery, Jann Rey currently trains in Horton Technique and Pilates.

As our in-house “multipotentialite”, Jann Rey can build a website, develop a business strategy, and make a delicious salad. His weakness? Breakfast pastries.

Dr. Travis Johnson
Co-creator, Clinical Director

Travis’ involvement in medicine began while volunteering as an EMT for a rural ambulance service as a teen and continued in college as he worked graveyard shifts, full-time.

Responding to the unexpected and treating those who had suddenly met the most vulnerable and weakest moments of their life was deeply humbling and impactful. These early, life-altering years defined how he witnessed trauma, injury, and the healing process. Treating and understanding how the body stores trauma remains one of his greatest areas of personal research and devotion.

He earned his doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University and became interested in integrative medicine. After graduate school he founded YHS Integrative Clinic, which later transformed into Healcove Clinic. Over the past 10 years he has helped create a platform for collaborative healthcare.

He has been an active leader and teacher in the San Diego community. You can find him pouring over a new book, on the sunny beaches, family in tow.